Prices have come down since the last time we posted our Pricing Page. Please bear with us while we update prices to reflect changes in the industry. Please submit a form to us through the home page and we will send you a custom estimate.


Wedding Cake Toppers

LEGO Minifigure Cake Topper$119
Small Bobblehead Cake Topper
• $30 total figure allowance. If the chosen bodies exceed this amount, the difference will be added to the price.
• Hand repainting of dress & embellishments: add $20
Large Bobblehead Cake Topper
• $30 total figure allowance. If the chosen bodies exceed this amount, the difference will be added to the price.
1:18 (~4") Full Length Figure Cake Topper$369
1:14 (~5") Full Length Figure Cake Topper$429
1:12 (~6") Full Length Figure Cake Topper - Most Popular!$499
1:10 (~7") Full Length Figure Cake Topper$599
1:8 (~9") Full Length Figure Cake Topper$699

Full Figures

Printed in Full color Composite Stone, full figures consist of a full 360° figurine and are available in several lengths and scales.

Buy a Full Length figure, then any size bust, half length, or magnet at the reprint price!

Approx. Full Length Size
BustsFirst:$117 ea.$155 ea.$173 ea.$205 ea.
Reprints:$41 ea.$67 ea.$85 ea.$117 ea.
Get 2 for:$79 ea.$111 ea.$129 ea.$161 ea.
Half LengthFirst:$130 ea.$150 ea.$195 ea.$240 ea.$325 ea.
Reprints:$45 ea.$70 ea.$125 ea.$170 ea.$250 ea.
Get 2 for:$88 ea.$110 ea.$160 ea.$205 ea.$288 ea.
Full LengthFirst:$169 ea.$199 ea.$235 ea.$289 ea.$349 ea.
Reprints:$59 ea.$89 ea.$125 ea.$179 ea.$239 ea.
Get 2 for:$109 ea.$139 ea.$180 ea.$239 ea.$294 ea.

 Magnets / Hangables

Magnets / Hangables consist of the front 180° of the model. They have a flat back, a slot to hang on the wall, and an embedded high strength magnet (except for 1:4 half length, 1:4 busts and 1:5 half length, which due to their size and weight do not include a magnet). They are available in several lengths and scales and are printed in Full Color Composite Stone.

BustsFirst:$77 ea.$100 ea.$134 ea.$143 ea.
Reprints:$30 ea.$47 ea.$78 ea.$97 ea.
Get 2 for:$54 ea.$74 ea.$106 ea.$120 ea.
Half LengthFirst:$80 ea.$100 ea.$130 ea.$170 ea.$230 ea.
Reprints:$35 ea.$50 ea.$65 ea.$100 ea.$180 ea.
Get 2 for:$58 ea.$75 ea.$98 ea.$135 ea.$205 ea.
Full LengthFirst:$99 ea.
Reprints:$39 ea.
Get 2 for:$69 ea.


We can model your head scan to fit on a bobblehead, doll or LEGO minfigure! Prices are for the head only. For bobble and doll heads, there is an extra charge if you have long hair, a long beard, or a hat; the charge is per extra item. Heads are printed in Full Color Composite Stone.

LEGO Minifig HeadsSmall Bobbleheads
Doll / Barbie Heads
Large Bobbleheads
First:$35 ea.$60 ea.$75 ea.
Reprints:$15 ea.$30 ea.$40 ea.
Get 2 for:$25 ea.$45 ea.$58 ea.
Long hair, long beards or hats (each)N/A+$5 ea.+$10 ea.

Bobblehead Bodies

Large and Pop! bobblehead bodies are sold for market price (current price) of the original figure at the time of ordering, plus a $10 enhancement charge. Prices for some bodies are shown on the product pages. Due to the collectible nature of the figures, the price may change frequently and without notice. Enhancement includes removal of the existing head, addition of a neck spring, skin tone painting (if needed), and mounting on a base. For more extensive repainting, e.g. for clothes, please contact us for a custom quote.

Fine Art

Please contact us for a custom quote.


Your head sculpted and printed on a chess king or queen!

(King is ~3 in. Tall)
(King is ~4 in. Tall)
White, Black, Full Color
First:$99 ea.$125 ea.
Reprints:$25 ea.$110 ea.
2 for:$62 ea.$118 ea.
Stainless Steel
Unplated, Bronze, Black, Gold
First:$110 ea.$150 ea.
Reprints:$60 ea.$80 ea.
2 for:$85 ea.$115 ea.

Jewelry and Beads

Pendants and beads made from your head! Available in Stainless Steel in unplated, gold, bronze, or matte black.

PendantFirst:N/AN/A$125 ea.$150 ea.
Reprints:N/AN/A$35 ea.$60 ea.
Get 2 for:N/AN/A$80 ea.$105 ea.
BeadFirst:$125 ea.$135 ea.$145 ea.$155 ea.
Reprints:$35 ea.$45 ea.$55 ea.$65 ea.
Get 2 for:$80 ea.$90 ea.$100 ea.$110 ea.