Artists, Museums and Foundries

3D printed replica of An American Stoic next to the original
3D printed replica of Alexander Stirling Calder’s An American Stoic next to the original
Photo by Paul Leicht, Photographer, Amon Carter Museum of American Art

See below for examples of the services that we can offer to artists, foundries, and museums. The list grows constantly, please tell us what you need!

3D Scanning for:

  • Enlargements or reductions
  • 3D model cutting for CNC milling in foam or other material
  • 3D printed reproduction here in our studio for sale to others or personal use 
  • Reference pics or 3D model of an object/live model for use while creating
  • Showing clients your progress on commissions digitally
  • Posting 3D models of your work online for sale, advertising or promotion
  • Cultural preservation
  • Foundry Pattern Mold Insurance
  • Embedding interactive 3D models of your work on your website

3D Designing for:

  • Weapons or sculpture details that need to be precise/flush/true
  • Create custom 3D text, text for plaques, other lettering/symbols, including your logo or signature
  • Plaques & custom plinths
  • Wrapping text/engraving on an irregular or curved surface, ie lettering or design on part of sculpture, etc.
  • Replacing/altering parts of sculpture to make them ready for a different manufacturing process

3D Printing for:

  • Foundry patterns
  • 1 time-use foundry pattern that is wax-compatible & burns out cleanly. Eliminates molding costs, good for one-off versions
  • Mold master for you to cast in wax and alter before metal casting
  • Text to incorporate into a larger wax/clay project
  • Create less valuable copies of work that can be roughly handled
  • Replace or repair part of an existing piece
  • Reference models
  • Custom stamps for clay, such as a signature or repeating pattern
  • Additional pieces to be incorporated into final casting
  • Armature of object/person for you to cover with clay and add detail