DE·lir·i·ous – wildly excited, especially with joy or enthusiasm.

3D·lir·i·ous – wildly excited about 3D scanning and 3D printing!

3DLirious is a 3D Studio in the heart of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas, USA – in the center of Arlington just blocks away from AT&T Stadium, Globe Life Park, and Downtown.

We combine art and engineering, using cutting edge technologies such as 3D scanning and 3D printing to form deLIRIOUSly wonderful and unique creations! Specializing in making custom personalized 3D printed keepsakes, including figurines, bobbleheads, doll heads, fine art and monuments, face masks, chess pieces, and more! Let our talented 3D portrait artists capture your memories in all three dimensions and preserve them for years to come.


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Scanning Process

Scanning the bride Our scanning technology uses structured light to capture depth data. A laser projector casts a pattern of thousands of infrared dots onto the subject, an infrared camera records how the pattern of dots changes over the subject’s geometry, and from this data clever software constructs a detailed 3D model. At the same time, a high resolution digital camera captures the subject’s color data and overlays it on the model.

  • You will need to hold still for up to a minute for each scan. Please note that this means that we are not currently able to scan pets or small children (under 5). Scanning time depends on several factors, but especially on the type of scan (full length scans require more capture time than head or bust scans).
  • A typical scanning session for a full length scan will last about an hour; head or bust only scanning sessions may be shorter. To ensure a good quality scan you will be scanned multiple times; we will also capture multiple still photographs for reference purposes. This session also includes a consultation to
  • Shiny, reflective and transparent surfaces don’t scan well, including eye glasses. Avoid sequins and flashy jewelry or other items as requested at the time of scanning.

Raw scans typically have features that make them unsuitable for 3D printing, such as surfaces that are too sharp, thin, or rough, or areas that were not captured in enough detail. Difficult to scan features such as hair and some clothing can be especially problematic. Our digital artists go over each scan and correct any issues, remodeling and sculpting where needed. Color data is corrected, balanced, and repainted.

Contact us

To book an appointment for a scan and consultation, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact us by phone, text or email (see the bottom of the page for contact details), or using the form below.