Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How well will the colors match? For full color prints, the colors will not perfectly match the real person or object. This is dependent on many factors, such as the specific colors, lighting during the scan, any color corrections applied during post-processing, and the printing process itself. Some variation in the colors is unavoidable, even from print to print on the same machine. Browns and skin tones are especially difficult to reproduce consistently.
  • How long will it take to create my order? You order may take up to 6 weeks to complete. This depends in large part on our backlog and the complexity of your order; for example multi-person full length figures take longer than simpler models.
  • Can you scan toddlers or pets? Our scanning technology requires that a subject stays still for at least 1 second. Most well-trained dogs and even toddlers can be 3dscanned here at our studio.
  • Can you scan multiple subjects at the same time? We may be able to scan two people or things at once. On occasion, each subject must be scanned individually, however scans may be combined during the processing phase to create models with multiple subjects. These are priced the same as ordering separate prints of each subject.
  • Can you make a 3D model from photos? We can work from photos and drawings depending on the quality of photos provided. Keep in mind that “surprising” someone is much more expensive and takes longer than bringing the person here to the studio, where we can get the data to create a model in under a second, usually. In fact, most people have a great time looking around and seeing much of what 3dprinting is capable of doing. They just look forward to their prints coming in and have the experience of seeing cutting edge technology!
  • I have a 3D model, will you print it for me? Yes! We also operate as a 3D printing service, and can produce your model in the material and finishes that we offer.
  • Will you scan an object for me, and either print it or provide me the model? We have quite a bit of experience scanning things. Please contact us to see if we can help. Note that we are unable to scan or print objects that are clearly copyrighted (e.g. Disney figurines) unless you have a valid license. Some items people hope can be scanned would be much easier and faster to model from scratch, as it turns out! Talk to us about it anyway 🙂
  • My fiancé and I want to have an appointment together, but I don’t want him to see me in my wedding dress. Can we still share an appointment time? Yes! Generally we 3D scan the one it’s okay to see first, who is then welcome to enjoy a beverage on the porch swing while the bride changes and is scanned. It’s the honor system, though!
  • Why are these so expensive? First off, it can take anywhere from 1-8 hours to edit your 3D model, depending on what you ordered, and that doesn’t account for custom designs or commissions. Although the technology has come down in price some, these machines are incredibly expensive to run and maintain. The powder and binder used is not only expensive, but when a small piece of an overall mechanism breaks, the entire mechanism may have to be replaced, running thousands of dollars per piece of the overall machine. Wear and tear on the machines is taken into consideration. Additionally, it takes several hours to 3D print a piece, then it must dry/harden for a few hours in the machine, and so cannot be used for printing anything else during that time. Your 3D print is infiltrated by hand and takes up to 3 days to completely cure before being sprayed with a matte coat. All in all, many, many hours and many resources are spent on your 3D print, which as of our opening in our commercial location in Arlington, are water-resistant. If it concerns you, look at other 3d printing sites around the country that provide similar services.