Stock Bobbleheads – Occasions & Professions

To compliment your 3D printed head we offer several special occasion and profession themed bodies in hand painted polyresin.

  • Figures are large size and stand approximately 6-7 inches tall. They come with a 1:4 scale head for adults, slightly larger for children.
  • Comes fully assembled with head attached. Let us know if you’d like the head left unglued so that it may be used on multiple bodies. Heads are compatible with our other stock bobbleheads and Large Character Bobblehead bodies.
  • Please note that if your hair or beard extends below your neckline there is an extra charge due to the additional modeling & sculpting time required plus additional raw material. You can avoid this by putting your hair up during your scan so that it does not come in contact with your neck or body. There may also be an extra charge for hats due to the additional raw material.