Digital Files

Have a 3D printer and some 3D modeling skills, or know someone who does? We can provide you a copy of your raw digital scan files for only $25 so you can edit and print it yourself! Please note that this is in addition to the scanning charge.


  • Scans are provided in OBJ format with color texture data in JPEG. Upon request we can also provide the scan in the following formats: STL (without color), PLY, DAE, and X3D. If you want a format not listed here please contact us for advice on converting.
  • We will also provide copies of the reference photos we take at the time of scanning.
  • We retain copyright on all scans and photos we capture. The raw scan data and photos will be licensed to you under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This basically means that you can use the scan for whatever purpose you like (including sharing with others and posting on-line, making derivatives, etc.), however you must give us credit as the originator of the scan.